concert: Maruja x GÂRDEN livestream op ZONDAG 29 OKTOBER 2023

29 OKT
MARUJA X GÂRDEN 20:00 uur GÂRDEN, Rotterdam

Dit is een virtueel bij te wonen concert

Let op! Dit concert is alleen online (via een stream) te volgen. Via deze link, kan je de stream volgen.


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Concert gratis

Deze livestream is gratis te bekijken!


Maruja is a force of evocation, seamlessly transporting listeners into a realm of diversity and gritty realism. Their compositions are rooted in improvisation, yielding compelling instrumentation that harmonises with culturally relevant lyrics. These lyrics seem to speak in tongues, conjuring a tapestry of whispered secrets that resonate deeply. For nearly a decade, Maruja has ardently refined their artistry, meticulously scrutinising every note with a dedication that verges on the obsessive. Their drive extends beyond mere passion—it’s an all-consuming necessity, a compulsion propelling them to create and perform with a visceral intensity that’s simultaneously electrifying and awe-inspiring.

Maruja is taking their energy to a GÂRDEN livestream, offering an interactive and visually challenging experience that’s free to watch! This unique performance will showcase the band’s raw talent in a new dimension, allowing fans to engage directly with their electrifying sound.

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