concert: The Covenant vs SpaceCadet in Winston

30 JAN
THE COVENANT VS SPACECADET 21:00 uur Winston, Amsterdam
Hoofdprogramma The Covenant
Toegang 6euro presale, 8euro door

Concert heeft al plaatsgevonden

Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op zaterdag 30 januari 2016.
Dat is 1576 dagen geleden.


Imagine: two bands on stage playing in turns their best songs to outdo (To do more or better than (another) in performance or action) the other band.
In one corner we have The Covenant(1988), veterans carrying the dogfightchampionsbelt since 1998.
In the other corner the challengers: Spacecadet, four spoiled kids frustrated with nighttime parties and bored by daytime in general, bundling their fury into 2-minute bolts of uncompromising punk songs & a 40-minute show of pure lightning. Holy fuck, do we need an ambulance and for who...?