concert: Omar & The Howlers in Lakei op DONDERDAG 22 MAART 2007

22 MRT
OMAR & THE HOWLERS 20:30 uur Lakei, Helmond
Hoofdprogramma Omar & The Howlers
Voorprogramma Vanilla Grits
Toegang 14,00

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Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op donderdag 22 maart 2007.
Dat is 5420 dagen geleden.


The European blues fans all adore Austin, TX-based guitarist, singer and songwriter Omar Kent Dykes. That's because he fits the stereotypical image many of them have of the American musician: he's tall, wears cowboy boots and has a deep voice with a Southern accent. However, Dykes does not carry a gun, and though he looks rough and tough, he's actually an incredibly peaceful and intelligent musician, and a veteran at working a crowd in a blues club or a festival. While Dykes still has a sizeable American audience owing to his albums for Columbia Records, he still spends a good portion of his touring year at festivals and clubs around Europe.