concert: When Klezmer meets @ CC Muziekcafé in CC Muziekcafé op ZONDAG 30 MAART 2014

30 MRT
WHEN KLEZMER MEETS @ CC MUZIEKCAFÉ 20:00 uur CC Muziekcafé, Amsterdam
Toegang 3 euros

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Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op zondag 30 maart 2014.
Dat is 2524 dagen geleden.


When Klezmer meets the middle East

As always, we prepared a really special program which takes you through a musical journey starting from the 18th century in east Europe and travels all the way to Israel 2013. The program is full with many styles of music, going from Klezmer and European Jewish music, through middle eastern folk, arabic and Mediterranean music and Israeli pop.

When Klezmer Meets:

Yishay Glick - Guitars, Vocals
Itai Weissman - Tenor sax, EWI, backing vocals
Eran Har Even - Bass
Bartho Staalman - Drums

so grab your date, friend, sister or cat and bring them with you to the cosiest Saturday night hang in the city :)
the dance moves are on you, and the nostalgic urges are on us ;)
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