concert: Vocal jam and singalong @ CC Muziekcafé in CC Muziekcafé op ZONDAG 09 MAART 2014

09 MRT
VOCAL JAM AND SINGALONG @ CC MUZIEKCAFÉ 16:00 uur CC Muziekcafé, Amsterdam

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Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op zondag 09 maart 2014.
Dat is 2556 dagen geleden.


Dear all,

We are going to sing again on sunday in CC. It starts at 15.30. Be there in time, because we have a great guest,
Rob Taekema. A very experienced musician who played and sang in many bands eg Fruitcake. Remember the hitsingle "My feet won't Move?" That was Rob.
And my son Bas will accompany the singalong on keyboard. I hope it will turn into the same great vocal jam it was last time, with Erwin Young and Isan, with her great voice, from Idols Indonesia.

If you want to prepare, this is what we are doing at the singalong:
-Imagine - John Lennon
-Let it be - Beatles
-Use somebody - Kings of Leon, or Laura Jansen.
-I'm a believer - Monkeys (ook te horen in Shrek 1)

Some of my (former) students will perform, and of course I will do a set with my guitarplayers Ron Roelofsen and Jaap Kluft.

I will see you all there!