concert: Buiten Gebruik / Citizens Patrol / De Aanslag / Ka in Patronaat op VRIJDAG 20 SEPTEMBER 2013

20 SEP
BUITEN GEBRUIK / CITIZENS PATROL / DE AANSLAG / KA Café, 20:00 uur Patronaat, Haarlem

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My ego has spun out of control and my birthday has actually turned into a recurring festival. This will also be the last show of my band DE AANSLAG. And that is why I've invited a bunch of bands that we've shared a connection with, one way or another, in the past five years. So make sure you're there in time to see all the bands because there are no filler acts here! Come on by and make this an unforgettable send off. Let's all celebrate the fact that we're finally done with such clichés as Routvoet Hitlergroet! There should be more line ups like this:

Doors will open at 19:00 and bands will be playing until 01:00. The party is over when the Patronaat staff has had enough of us.
Camping DJ ANDY IDOL will be spinning the roughest punkrock records and finest hardcore pareltjes. There are rumours going around that a certain bearded man might be dropping by as well.

And you don't even have to pay a dime to get in on all this gooey goodness!

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