concert: Nervana + Black Leash in Poppodium Romein op DONDERDAG 01 NOVEMBER 2012

01 NOV
NERVANA + BLACK LEASH 20:00 uur Poppodium Romein, Leeuwarden
Hoofdprogramma Nervana
Voorprogramma Black Leash
Toegang €10,-

Concert heeft al plaatsgevonden

Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op donderdag 01 november 2012.
Dat is 3042 dagen geleden.


New from the US!! Super tribute band 'Nervana' have been called the most authentic live Nirvana experience to hit the stage in years!

Born from the ashes of the world famous 'Australian Nirvana', Ireland's own Jon O'Connor takes over the part of Kurt while the blistering rhythm section of drummer Steve Kilroy and bassist Dave Eve continue on with new vision and unbridled energy.

Since Nervana's inception in the winter of 2009, the band had immediate success touring both in the US and Europe and by the summer of 2010, saw them playing the Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool to over 50,000 people!

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