Reckoning Force

Nederland    Genre(s): Punk - hardcore

At the end of the year 2000, when the singer of Victimized decided to split ways, the other members still wanted to do the hardcore thing. Since the singer was one of the founding members, a name change seemed inevitable.
With a new name; Reckoning Force, and a new singer, the guys turned over a new leaf. After intense songwriting and a few try-out shows, the time felt right to record the new songs.
So, nine songs have been recorded at the notorious Bunt's Studio. These will be released by New Day Records in the beginning of 2002 on both 7" and cd format.

Reckoning Force is influenced by bands such as Life's Blood, Warzone, Judge, Visual Discrimination, Absolution, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Killing Time, Outburst, Confront, No For An Answer, Cro-Mags and many more

Reckoning Force:
Arjan - Vocals
Jelle - Bass
Henk - Guitar
Dennis - Drums


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  • 09 nov
  • 28 sep
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Reckoning Force - It's Time To Fight Back

Deze MCD van het Friese Reckoning Force is begin februari als eerste release uitgekomen op het nieuwe hardcore label New Day Records. Het label zet...

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