concert: Blake E/E/E in Cul de Sac op DONDERDAG 26 MAART 2009

26 MRT
BLAKE E/E/E 20:00 uur Cul de Sac, Tilburg

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Based out of Chicago, IL, Blake/e/e/e (pronounced "Blake-ie") is a new project started by two ex-members of the Italian band Franklin Delano half relocated to Chicago.

Their debut album, Border Radio, has been released in the US May 20, 2008 on FreeFolk Records. The band has embarked on a six weeks long U.S. tour right after and gained attention. In the meanwhile, a deal with Unhip Records, a bigger label based out of their homeland of Bologna, has been inked. A Europe/Japan release date will soon be announced, and the band will be touring Europe early after.

A self-produced kaleidoscope of new musical ideas makes Border Radio both elegant and experimental.