concert: Burning Blood + André en josé + Eduardo Rocha in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven op ZATERDAG 10 OKTOBER 2020

10 OKT
BURNING BLOOD + ANDRÉ EN JOSÉ + EDUARDO ROCHA Tweede Foyer, 20:00 uur Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Eindhoven
Toegang €10,-

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Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op zaterdag 10 oktober 2020.
Dat is 139 dagen geleden.


For the coming edition of ‘80 minute journey’, we will make an international trip around the world along 3 short concerts, performed by musicians, a poet and a dancer, all rooted in different parts of the world. The cultural heritage from all these far away places resonates in their acts, as well as the joint experience of once moving away from home to whatever other parts of the world life has brought them. Enjoy their music, poetry and dance in which they will share their cultural melting pot.