concert: Belle Gunness in Little Devil op VRIJDAG 19 JANUARI 2007

19 JAN
BELLE GUNNESS 21:00 uur Little Devil, Tilburg
Hoofdprogramma Belle Gunness
Voorprogramma Soulreaver
The Embodiment

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Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op vrijdag 19 januari 2007.
Dat is 5305 dagen geleden.

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Vrijdag 19 januari 21:30u:
Belle Gunness [all female metal]
+ The Embodiment [thrash / death metal]
+ SoulreaveR [death metal]
Belle Gunness was a notorious black widow. Belle Gunness was serial killer who killed her husbands, boyfriends and step-children for money. Belle Gunness is the new all female metal revelation, check it out. The Ebodiment combines blast beats, high speed guitar riffs, up tempo drumbeats and melodic passages, with a powerful live performance. Soulreaver springs from the ashes of Cremation, reenforced with ex-Arms of Valour's Petra, still thrashing things up as ever.