concert: Cat Green Eye & Blue Owl @ CC Muziekcafé in CC Muziekcafé op VRIJDAG 23 MEI 2014

23 MEI
CAT GREEN EYE & BLUE OWL @ CC MUZIEKCAFÉ 20:00 uur CC Muziekcafé, Amsterdam
Toegang 5,00

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Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op vrijdag 23 mei 2014.
Dat is 2477 dagen geleden.


Cat Green Eye

The founder of band Green Cat Eye is Michel de Groot.
Michel has a glorious past in bands such as Time Bandits , Vitesse, Henk Westbroek, Saskia Laroo, Margriet Eshuys, Cees Meerman, Derick, The Zoo etc. He toured all over Europe and made several plates with these bands.

In 2007 he founded after writing a series of songs with the band Carine Janssen Cat Green Eye, named after the feline green eyes singer Carine.

Check them:

Blue Owl

Blue Owl creates original music, dipping into a bubbling pot of influences, from Leadbelly to Lou Reed, with a pinch of Cohen and Cave thrown in, and finished with a smidgen of Charlie Parker getting superhigh with the Allman Brothers. The songs are beautiful frameworks, tales of twist and turns, of light and dark, melancholia and mirth.

Check them: