concert: Escandalos - Ska-Punk-Deluxe! (DE) in The Rambler op DINSDAG 31 DECEMBER 2013

31 DEC
ESCANDALOS - SKA-PUNK-DELUXE! (DE) 23:45 uur The Rambler, Eindhoven

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Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op dinsdag 31 december 2013.
Dat is 2623 dagen geleden.

Concert gratis

Dit concert was gratis.


Escandalos is known to bring a live audience to a quake . With a good dose of playfulness, blaring brass, three hymns in the amount of fat , while clinging to a jagged offbeat bassline and the drums give the driving clock thereto.
Uncompromising Ska-Punk brings the dance floor to a boil. Where one else 's feet fall asleep , Escandalos entice with their energetic and legendary live performances involuntarily to ecstasy .

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