concert: MegasetH + Motörslet in Little Devil op VRIJDAG 27 OKTOBER 2006

27 OKT
MEGASETH + MOTÖRSLET 21:30 uur Little Devil, Tilburg
Hoofdprogramma Megaseth

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Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op vrijdag 27 oktober 2006.
Dat is 5283 dagen geleden.

Concert gratis

Dit concert was gratis.


Vrijdag 27 oktober 21:30u:
Megaseth [thrash / speed metal] + Motörslet [metal 'n beer]
MegasetH is THE Dutch cover-sensation for the best of alltime speedmetal successors known to be played by the American metal-formation MegadetH. Each individual member has been active in the local metalscene for several years. Motörslet is a rockin' Motörhead coverband from Bladel.

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