Miss Wyoming

Uit: Den Haag - Nederland

An international indie-pop combo with members from France, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands, Miss Wyoming is based in Den Haag (the Hague), Netherlands.

Its influences range from the Velvet Underground to the Pixies, from Teenage Fan Club to Placebo (among others), resulting in a melting pot of different styles (power pop, alternative rock, noisy pop, lo-fi,…), where melody gets a special importance within powerful and driving tracks or more minimalist and subtle arrangements.

The band name was chosen as a tribute to modern American sub-culture, from which the lyrics get their inspiration (think of people like Coupland, Bukowski, Easton Ellis,… and you're on the right track). In the same order of ideas, the CD title ('Trailer park') reflects perfectly the feeling and atmosphere carried out by the 10 songs: sonic snapshots of real people with their share of doubts, anxiety, love, hate and redemption…


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