Lawstreet 16

Uit: Brussel - België

LAWSTREET 16 was born in Brussels, Belgium in October 2001. The band consists of 5 long-time friends, all of them being (a bit) older than your average hardcore kid.

Lawstreet 16's one & only aim is to have some fun while playing the music they've always liked, which is old-school hardcore. LS16 would like to remind the new generation of hardcore kids that, basically, hardcore music and metal were two different styles with nothing in common.

Current line-up :

Fabian (bass)
Arnaud (guitar)
Fred (guitar)
Régnier (drums)
Alain 'RPP' (vocals)
Some of them have been/are playing in other bands. For the others, Lawstreet 16 is their first serious experience as a band.


  • 14 - 17   jul
  • 19 - 20   jun
  • 12 jun
  • 31 aug
  • 09 - 11   aug


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Lawstreet 16 - Demo - July 2002

Een demo kan je maken met als doel om zo goed mogelijk te klinken, zodat mensen enthousiast worden en de kans groter wordt dat je lovende kritieken oogst voor je muziek. Lawstreet 16 heeft echter...

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