Uit: New York City - Amerika    Genre(s): Punk - ska Punk - hardcore

SKARHEAD unleashed their brand of "New York Hood Core" in 1995, and the hardcore scene will never be the same. Spawned from the ashes of Crown Of Thornz, these "Kings From Queens" crack the punk/hardcore fans between the eyes with their two-fisted, streetwise style. Take what Lord Ezec (lead vocalist) says to heart when describing SKARHEAD: "This is how we live. We don't give a shit what you think. If you don't like it then get the fuck out of our way."

SKARHEAD have built a reputation for being one of the toughest and among the most infamous bands ever to emerge from the depths of New York City. Bruising yet sincere lyrics dealing with revenge, honor and heartbreak take the listener on a hardcore joyride through a land where Drugs, Money and Sex reign supreme. Their influences range from old school hardcore to hip hop, to straight ahead punk rock. SKARHEAD brings a unique dual-vocalist style to life, and with Lou Dibella (ex-Sub Zero) blending his tough -as-nails vocals with Lord Ezec's "monster from your darkest nightmare" approach, the listeners become trapped in a hard-hitting ghetto reality from which they will never want to escape. SKARHEAD is the real deal, and they're teaming with Victory to prove it in 1998.


  • 10 - 12   aug
  • 09 aug `12
  • 12 - 15   jul
  • 21 nov `10
  • 18 - 20   jun
  • 21 mrt
  • 20 mrt `10
  • 06 mrt
  • 14 sep `08
  • 22 - 24   aug
  • 05 - 07   jul
  • 05 - 06   jul
  • 21 jun
  • 24 jun
  • 09 okt


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