Die...My Demon

Uit: Dendermonde - België    Genre(s): Punk - hardcore

DIE MY DEMON is a new band arisen out of the ashes of Sad Origin with some new members out of DMD (Dendermonde) and the former bassplayer of Cast in Fire (Detroit). They started this new project around february 2001 and play a mix of old school with dancable moshparts…kinda like a mix of Skarhead and Mushmouth.

They already had the chance to perform on some nice shows among other bands like Maximum Penalty, Knuckledust, Trapped in Life, 100 Demons, 4 in tha Chamber, Shutdown NYC, Liar, Length of time, The Deal, Kingpin and many others…

Their live performance always shows that this band is really dedicated to the sake of hardcore and to the message they want to spread. DIE MY DEMON is attractive to many people when it comes to styles of music. Whether you like hardcore, old school, new school, beatdown, it all comes to mind when you listen to their songs.

Their lyrics deal with unity, backstabbing, freedom of speech, friendship and daily life subjects.

So far, next songs are finished: DMD Message, Lordz of tha dance, Don’t push your threats on me, Step up, Angel representa and Your business.


  • 16 okt
  • 29 feb
  • 22 mrt
  • 30 nov
  • 20 okt
  • 19 - 20   okt
  • 16 - 18   aug
  • 06 jul


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