Hans van Lier Band ft. Ralph de Jongh

Uit: Groningen - Nederland    Genre(s): Roots - blues

Hans van Lier is a born guitarplayer who plays the electric guitar from the age of fourteen. Hans has played in several bands and a major breaktrough could be on hand.
In the United States of America he has recorded about 30 kilograms of tape with Double Trouble(!) the band of 'Stevie Ray Vaughan'. Guestplayers are Mick Taylor (ex Rolling Stones), Marcel Kapteijn (Ten Sharp), Appie Alberts, Anouk Junius and Magic Frankie.

Hans is a versatile guitarplayer. His solo's are often lyrical, but he can also really storm. This always happens with great melodic sense. He masters various styles, and he is not afraid of rock 'n roll.
Hans is self-taught as a guitarplayer. He soon learnt a lot of chords. On a given day he discovered a nice 'run', which he soon began to use as a basis for his playing. It turned out that he discovered the blues scale on his own.
Hans got a lot of inspiration from his direct environment where a lot of music was made. He studied the records of Blues players like Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Elmore James, Luther 'guitar' Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan. After a few years as a rythm guitar player Hans went solo at the age of eighteen. During the following years he worked with various bluesbands. In 1978 he entered the Dutch Guitar Championship in Paradiso, Amsterdam. He finished third!
From 1988 untill 1993 Hans had a successful band 'Plat', which only sung in Gronings dialect. 'Plat' has been the main act in Paradiso at a bluesfestival.
Hans has crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1985, 1986, 1988 and two times in 1999 to play the blues. He sat in with sessions in Chicago. After such a session in Canada he immediately was offered a contract with a bluesband. He also recorded a song in Minneapolis with the American band GB Leighton and toured two times with the same band in the USA.

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