concert: Jibber Jabber & The Jams in Paard

03 MEI
JIBBER JABBER & THE JAMS Paard Café, 20:30 uur Paard, Den Haag
HOOFDPROGRAMMA Jibber Jabber & The Jams
Jibber Jabber & The Jams in Paard is gratis.
Dit is een gratis toegankelijk concert!


Who’s Dirty Frank? What’s the deal with the White Russians? We are not sure yet. All we know is that the name finds it’s inspiration from a Bar in Philly and tasty Cocktails.

Jibber Jabber & the Jams from Rotterdam started in 2016 in the shed of Rubens parents and can rightly be called garage rock. Since 2017 the foursome has been playing a mix of rock and roll, punk rock and surf rock (The Sonics, Jay Reatard / the Reatards and Guantanamo Baywatch). The band’s DIY approach has resulted in two self-recorded releases: the “DEMO 2017” in 2017 and the “Liberté Toujours” EP in 2018.

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