concert: Bomba Roja / Fabrik Royale in Winston

17 FEB
BOMBA ROJA / FABRIK ROYALE 21:00 uur Winston, Amsterdam
HOOFDPROGRAMMA Bomba Roja Fabrik Royale


Let op! Dit concert vond plaats op vrijdag 17 februari 2017.
Dat is 948 dagen geleden.


Ripping guitars, bouncing bass-lines, stompin’ drums and flaming vocals... BOMBA ROJA brings Garage Rock'n'Roll that will turn every stage into one hot steaming mess! The band consist of Jero Crust, selected most handsome bartender 3 years in a row now in Amsterdam, Gregory Moreman, a fashionable hobo, Manuel Dissfield, who in his free time travels the lecture circuit, explaining 1950’s tube amps and Miss Cha, make-up fetishist and boom-chick supreme.
Some machines never reach completion. Consisting of over a thousand individual parts, they’re always in need and in search of new ones. Fabrik Royale is such a contraption. The band is not only made up of the four musicians creating its music, words and vision, but also of the influences and encounters it picks up along the way. The machine gets refined day after day by inner growth and transformation, by shared experiences of other music enthusiasts, by exposure to the unknown, by truly connecting to that idea, person or part.