ARTIEST: Parne Gadje

Nederland    Genre(s): Roots - Rest

Parne Gadje

The name "Parne Gadje" (the White Non-Gypsies) says it all; they’re not culture vultures and have no intention of imitating Gypsy music. The name of the band was chosen out of a deep respect for the music of the RRoma; a style that has been over-idealised by many, often to the point of vilification.RRoma music itself is much more than just entertainment. It has a story to tell and one that is not just confined to the past. New songs and tunes from the Bosporus region and beyond are emerging constantly; songs vibrant with tales of human struggles, sorrows, suffering, love and an enourmous lust for life. The same can be said of the Rembetiko – the music of the Greek underworld, which is also strongly represented in Parne Gadjes’ repertoire. Parne Gadjes’ interpretations of both the old and newly emergent tunes of Greece, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Romania, and the RRoma people are distinctive and beautiful. They are also unique in thier instrumentation and style, with each of the musicians bringing his own identity and background to the music.


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